•    BIO


    I am El Garzita, a Mexican musician and DJ currently living in Vancouver, Canada.

    I have played in some of the most important music festivals in the Pacific Northwest area, including Bass Coast, Ponderosa, and Khatsalano; either by myself or as part of Tropidelica, La Grooveolucion or Acapulco Lazer Radio.

    I studied Music Composition in the Faculty of Music at UANL and Music for Film and Multimedia at the Vancouver Film School.

    At the moment I am working in 2 projects:

    ~A Disco inspired album of original tracks, with me playing all instruments

    ~A live DJ show called H.O.T. that explores the forgotten early influences of Techno

  •    DJ/Mix Sets

    Selected Tracks

    Here is a selection of some of my own DJ sets with the various crews I have been very fortunate to play with.

    The musical styles are varied and eclectic, with a big emphasis on Tropical beats and synth driven discoteca tunes.

    Let's start with one that is very near to my heart, recorded for the Acapulco Lazer Disco project which I share with Billie Danger, another Mexican DJ based here in Vancouver and an amazing photographer. Check his site out while you listen to this 3rd beach inspired mix:

    Another fun playlist was this next one which I recorded during my time with the Tropodelica crew.

    It was recorded in Ernesto "Kut" Gomez' studio, along with Pablo Zamudio. I apologize in advance if you live in Vancouver and had to endure this playlist while waiting to eat your tacos in the multiple Mexican restaurants in Vancouver, as it got a lot of playback in the city.

    Sometimes there is nothing better to get your creative juices flowing than a challenge, even more so when it is for a good cause; and one that I enjoyed greatly happened when I was asked to come up with a mash-up of different songs containing the words "Give" for a charity campaign.

    This is one that I had a lot of fun with and from the looks of it, the people in the video enjoyed it greatly too; have a look!

  •     Original Music

    Selected Tracks

    Though they may seem to be genres at one end of the spectrum from each other, contemporary Latin Tropical and Disco are the 2 genres of music which I love to compose. Go ahead and have a listen, who knows? You may see the connection too.

    I made this next song around the Summer of 2016, and it went all the way up to #6 in the hearthis.at World Music charts. It is a piece inspired in old Mario Bava's giallo movies, specifically his "Five Dolls for an August Moon" film, I just fantasized about what the soundtrack would be if such movie had been made in Colombia:

    A Teacher in Music School once told us that we had to make music that the audience didn't know they wanted to hear. With that in mind, I came up with the next song, wondering how a Disco collaboration between Ray Conniff and Richard Clayderman would sound like, maybe something like this?

    Admittedly, I am not the most detail oriented individual when it comes to making music, yet for the following song, I wanted that playful feeling of Aphex Twin's "Bouncing Ball". Furthermore, I wanted to set it against an odd musical background and a Cumbia bass line alongside a cheesy organ was the perfect environment. Arranging and sequencing the time signature of the arpeggiated bouncing effect was exhausting and took a whole week, but in the end well worth it:

    This next song pretty much wrote itself. I just imagined the music video and the music followed soon after. I envisioned a white catamaran docked in front of a nightclub, an actor smoking a cigar while he keeps looking at the club, waiting for someone who he knows will never come back to his boat. At one point he breaks into a dance routing...So 80's. So Miami Vice. So good!

    All music was played, recorded and mastered in my home studio.