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On The Mic!

I really don't remember how it started but for some reason people began asking me to function as a Host/MC for a wide variety of live events; anything from Dance Competitions, fashion shows, Christmas parties, burlesque performances to poetry readings.

Though I have never been afraid of public speaking, being a Host was not a line of work I had ever considered, but I went ahead anyways. Soon after, offers to appear in videos, online media and radio began to come in.

My style on stage is irreverent and I love to make fun of the audience and the event itself, without being mean. It must work as I keep getting job offers!

Here are some of my favourite ones:

Techpong 3.0

This charity event, organized by Unbounce and Chimp, involved big tech companies such as Microsoft, Plenty of Fish, DailyHive and Appnovation, among others, competing in an amazing Ping Pong Tournament.

Not only was I asked to participate as host but I was also asked to DJ, star in the event's online media advertisement and do the voice over plus the scoring for their event trailer. It was a blast! Here are some highlights:

KEN Talks

After seeing me tell a story for Rain City Chronicles, Pike Creative Agency invited me to participate in their "TED Talks" parody series, along with other great local comedians, such as Charlie Demers, Emmett Hall and Kaitlin Fontana.

My segment focused in trying to explain to an audience how even though we keep saying that we are all the same, the truth is that we are culturally quite different.

Contrary to my opening statement, I did in fact research the topic and was quite prepared for the session, yet the problems with PowerPoint were unfortunately real, and the presentation I had prepared was almost completely lost when transferring it from a Mac to a PC onstage.

Most of my segment was improvised on the spot for 15 minutes that felt like an eternity.

World Famous Motown Dance Party

Music promoter Steve Rock invited me to host the Motown Dance Party Vancouver edition, as he needed someone to organize and judge the dancing competition.

This is an international party that also takes place in 8 other cities around the world, such as Paris, Tokyo and Toronto. The whole night was a gas! I got the chance to scream, dance, make fun of the audience and get paid while having the time of my life!

The event was recorded and broadcasted live, with such success that I was asked to keep coming back to host more competitions.

The images speak for themselves:

Blues and Haikus

For almost 2 years, every Sunday at the Waldorf Hotel, Juliana Moore (The Commodore's Bottleneck Program Manager) would put together a very intimate and relaxed show with some of the city's Top talent. Music, Poetry, Spoken Word performances, Magic shows and comedy sketches; all courtesy of great local talented artists like Louise Burns, Jody Glenham, Colleen Rennison (No Sinner), Parker Bosley (Gay Nineties), Paul Anthony (Talent Time), Nardwuar, Brittney Rand (Mu) and many others; who would put on some of the best chilled and improvised performances the city has seen.

I was very fortunate to host such evening and to this day I can't believe every month a dark basement in East Van was witness to such magic.